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Information about everyday life for foreign nationals can be downloaded from the website of the Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center (JISTEC) or Tsukuba City Hall.

▼ Living in Japan (JISTEC)

▼ Tsukuba City Hall website (English / Chinese / Korean / simplified Japanese)

▼ Tsukuba City Hall website (various downloads) *Japanese

▼ Living guide for Tsukuba Citizens

Electricity, gas, water, sorting & disposal of garbage

If you plan to stay in on-campus accommodation facilities of the University of Tsukuba, please follow the instructions of the custodian when moving in. If you stay in private rental housing, you must follow procedures that apply to each utility service.

In Japan, 100-volt AC electricity is used, and power companies differ from one district to the next. When you commence using electricity after moving into your residence, switch on the ampere breaker on the switchboard. Fill out the necessary information on the pre-addressed postcard you will find near the switchboard and mail it to your local power company. Once a month you will receive a notice of your electricity usage and charges. If you are moving house, you must notify the electric power company and make arrangements for discontinuation of electricity use.

There are two types of gas used in Japan, and the type you use will depend on where you live. You must use gas appliances specific to the type of gas you use.
Please check with your landlord or the real estate agent. The utility gas used in Tsukuba City is 13A. When you intend to commence using gas after moving in, you will need to contact the gas company to have the supply gas valve opened. Once a month you will receive a notice of your gas usage and charges. If you are moving house, please notify the gas company several days in advance. A service person from the gas company will come to your residence to stop the gas on the day you intend to terminate use.

Water and sewage
When you start using water and sewage services after moving in to your accommodation, or when you intend to cease using the services, please contact the customer care center of the Tsukuba City Water and Sewage Department. You will receive a bill for charges once every two months. Charges for use of water and
sewage services are billed together.

▼ Tsukuba City Water and Sewage Customer Center: TEL 029-851-2811

Disposal of garbage
Each municipality specifies its own procedures for the disposal of household garbage. In Tsukuba City, household garbage is sorted into burnable garbage, non-burnable garbage, plastics, oversized garbage, cans, glass bottles & jars, aerosol cans, used paper and clothes, plastic (PET) bottles, and harmful toxic waste (dry batteries, fluorescent lights, and mercury thermometers), etc. and placed in the location for disposal established in each residential district. The types of garbage bags to be used are specified for each sorted garbage group, and the collection dates are also established. After checking the rules with the landlord, website of the respective municipalities, and information booklet, etc., please dispose of your garbage according to instructions.

▼ Tsukuba City Hall website: Garbage collection