Overseas Safety & Risk Management


During recent years, there are various occasions to travel overseas from brief durations to extended periods including overseas training and internship. With these, it is conceivable that there are cases of involvement in emergency situations including significant injuries, accidents, crimes, diseases, and disasters. You may not avoid danger if you live at the same level of awareness while living in Japan. First, be conscious of the risks of “being overseas” and always striving for both safety and health management.

Overseas Travel System (TRIP)

Entry the “Overseas Travel System” (TRIP) before travelling overseas.

● When students travel overseas, please enter your itinerary into the TRIP overseas travel system in advance. In the event of a disaster, terrorist attack, infectious disease outbreak, or other emergency, University of Tsukuba use this information to confirm your safety. Regardless of the reason, for example for overseas study, leave of absence, business trip, personal trip, temporary return of international students, etc., please be sure to enter the information to the TRIP.

● For faculty members and employees, there is a need to make an entry about their itinerary in TRIP when it comes to overseas business trips. Furthermore, they can make an entry on a voluntary basis in the case of personal travel.

Moreover, for overseas study or leave of absence or business trips, there is a need for the timetable generated from TRIP as an attachment for the Application for Studying Abroad, Application for Leave of Absence, and Application for Business Trip in addition to the above.
Please note that TRIP can be modified after it has been entered. If there are any changes to your itinerary, please make the necessary corrections.

Overseas Travel System (TRIP) <https://trip.sec.tsukuba.ac.jp/>

Overseas Students Safety Management Assistance (OSSMA)

Please Join OSSMA to cover your travel period. The overseas travel insurance is a system to provide a certain amount of money to those who contracted an illness, encountered an accident, etc. overseas whereas OSSMA does not cover necessary cost in response (medical bill, etc) but makes accurate recommendations of local hospitals, transportation to the hospital, etc. if a happening or accident occurs during your stay at your overseas destination. For students to make the most of their lives overseas, if a problem occurs during their stay, OSSMA will provide appropriate support in Japanese and English 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Receiving the service of OSSMA is promised on taking out an overseas travel or study insurance.

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