Learning Japanese


Japanese classes at Ichinoya Community Center, University of Tsukuba

The Rainbow Club, a volunteer group, holds Japanese classes for beginners. Classes are organized on the basis of a two-term system, with the first term running from April to early October, and the second term from late October to March. There are three class levels. These classes are offered to international researchers who work at the University of Tsukuba or other research institutions in Tsukuba, and their families.

▼ The Rainbow Club

Tsukuba International Association Japanese Classes

As an opportunity to learn Japanese for daily life, classes are offered at different levels for those who are learning
Japanese for the first time. Daytime and nighttime courses are available for foreign residents and their families living
or working in Tsukuba.

▼ Tsukuba International Association Japanese Lessons
TEL: 029- 869-7675 (Mon. to Fri.8:30 – 17:15, closed on Sat., Sun., public holidays, and the end and beginning of the New Year)