Postal and delivery services


Postal services

The University of Tsukuba has a post office on campus. In addition to postal and door-to-door delivery services, the post office also provides banking and insurance services. In addition to buying stamps at the nearest post office, you can also buy them at convenience stores.

▼ University of Tsukuba Post Office
* There are ATMs on campus.

Door-to-door delivery service

This is a service for the delivery of relatively small parcels. The parcels are normally delivered on the next day or within two days (it is possible to specify the delivery date and time). If you make a request online or by telephone, a service person will come to your door to pick up your parcel. If you take the parcel to the agent’s store, the service charge will be discounted. Convenience stores also provide the same service.

▼ Main door-to-door delivery providers

Japan Post  (Lawson, Mini Stop, etc.)

Yamato Transport  (7-Eleven, Family Mart, etc.)

Sagawa Express