University of Tsukuba joins International Education Fair 2021 organized by Bolashaq Development Fund


On October 26th-29th, 2021, Asst. Prof. SASAYAMA Hiroshi, project coordinator and Yahiro Tatiana (Office of Global Initiatives), Study in Japan Global Network Project, Prof. NINOMIYAinomiya Takashi, University of Tsukuba Almaty Office coordinator based at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Mozgunova Aleksandra of the Moscow Liaison Desk, and Yahiro Tatiana of the Office of Global Initiatives, participated in the International Education Fair (IEF2021) organized by the Bolashaq Development Fund. Our faculty and staff members explained the processes and procedures of entry to a Japanese university or graduate school, and participating students inquired about English programs in the fields of architecture, international relations, energy such as oil and natural gas, and about application procedures for Japanese MEXT scholarships.

(Contributors: Takashi Ninomiya, Kadikova Samal)