Visit from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative in Japan


On July 13, Dr. TSOU, Yu-Han, Advisor to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan and Director of the Science and Technology Department, visited the University of Tsukuba.

The courtesy visit was welcomed by President Nagata Kyosuke, Vice President Benton Caroline (Global Affairs), Vice President Kanaho Yasunori (Collaborative Research), Vice President Wada Hiroshi (Research), Prof. Oneda Osamu (Executive Officer for International Strategy), Specially Appointed Professor Kijima Joji, Prof. Akira Uedono (Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences), Prof. Shinji Kuroda (Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences), Associate Prof. Ryosuke Ohniwa (Institute of Medicine), and Assistant Prof. Junichi Abe (Institute of Life and Environmental Sciences).

During the meeting, Advisor TSOU emphasized that the University of Tsukuba is an important partner for Taiwan and expressed his hope for further strengthening cooperation between the University and Taiwan.
After meeting with the President, the delegation visited the Center for Computational Sciences.
It is expected to expand to exchange and collaboration with Taiwan.