Before returning to your home country


Main procedures at the city hall

When you return to your own country without immediate plans for re-entry to Japan, you will need to complete the following procedures at your local city hall.

  1. Moving-out notice: You need to give notice that you are moving out of your residence at the resident registration desk of your local city hall.
    * This procedure must be completed prior to procedures for withdrawal from national health insurance and the national pension.
  2. Procedures for withdrawal from national health insurance and settlement of your account: You will need to follow procedures for withdrawing from national health insurance at the city hall, and return your insurance card. You will also need to settle any insurance premium. Any overpayment will be refunded at a later date, while any outstanding amount must be paid on the spot.

Procedures for withdrawing from private rental housing

You must inform the real estate agency of the date you plan to leave, 1 to 2 months prior to vacating. If you inform the agency too close to the date, you might need to pay an extra rent. Also, your room should be in the condition as it was when you moved in. Make sure you understand the conditions in your contract regarding restoration and termination of contract.
Please also follow procedures for the settlement of utility charges such as electricity, gas, and water and sewage charges well in advance. For utility gas, a service person will come to your residence to turn off the service and settle charges at that time.
If you live in the accommodation facilities of the University of Tsukuba, please follow the custodian’s instructions.

Closing your bank account

You will need to close your bank account if you no longer intend to use it to make payments and receive deposits. At the service counter at your bank, please present a notice of closure together with your bankbook and some form of identification. If you have registered a personal seal when opening your account, you will need to present that as well. If you expect further payments or withdrawals to be processed through your account, please ask your representative residing in Japan to complete the closure procedure on your behalf, and close your account after returning to your home country. Please contact your bank for details.

Lump-sum withdrawal payment from the national pension

The lump-sum withdrawal payment is a system to return a specified payment if a person who paid pension in Japan returned to one’s country. If the pension plan period is 6 months or more and one does not have Japanese nationality, this lump-sum can be received so a claim should be submitted within 2 years after departing from Japan. However, for a person from a country which has a totalization agreement with Japan ( as of June 2022: Germany, United States, Belgium, France, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Ireland, Brazil, Switzerland, Hungary, India, Luxembourg, the Philippines, Slovakia, Finland, and Sweden ), the pension plan periods will be combined. Please note that when a lump-sum withdrawal payment is received, the period for which that payment is received cannot be combined in the period for totalized benefits.

▼ Japan Pension Service

▼ Welfare Desk, Division of Human Resources Development, Department of General Affairs :TEL 029-853-2098