Online study abroad fair held for students from South America.


On February 22, 2024 (Thursday) we held the online study abroad fair for High School Students, University Students and Parents to attract potential candidates from the South American region. This fair was implemented as part of the Study in Japan Overseas Base Cooperation Promotion Project (South America) adopted by our university.

This online fair was conducted live on various platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, having the streaming divided into two sessions, A and B, each moderated by a Brazilian and a Peruvian UIA from the University’s International Office.

After welcoming JASSO staff to disseminate information on scholarships in the common session, faculty members from various universities, both public and private, and staff from Japanese language schools conducted brief introductions of their schools in Session A and B, respectively.

At the same time, each participating institution in the fair opened their consultation booths on ZOOM to provide detailed information about their programs and faculties, and to answer the questions of the participants.

The total number of viewers in both sessions was 5,160, and the maximum number of simultaneous viewers was 760.

More than 1,000 people visited the ZOOM consultation booths which was perceived as a great success.

Participating universities in Japan commented that they were able to meet directly with students and to inform them about university programs and opportunities, and that it was a valuable experience. It is expected that online fairs will continue to be actively held in the future.

【 Greetings from the UIA of our University】


【 Introduction of ARC Japanese Language School 】

【Ritsumeikan University Presentation】

【Doshisha University Graduate School of Business zoom consultation booth】